All pictures are for sale and can be matted, framed, or canvas printed. Please click the above links to view some examples of my work.
Contact: (include photo for sale in the subject) for pricing and inquires. All photos are shot with a Nikon D700 and a variety of different Nikkor lenses.



Tahoe Snow Shore

Butano Creek

Butano Creek II

Carson River

McKay Creek

Tiger Creek
Tiger Creek II

Big Creek

Big Creek B&W

Big Creek Beach

Big Creek Bridge

Coyote Creek Natural Bridge

East Sierra

Duncan Creek

Eel River Portal

Eel River Winter

Eel River Color Portal

Eel River Color
Highland Lake

Kirkwood Nights

Mendocino Nights

Highland Nights

Salton Sea

Salton Glass

Is the Water Moving?

Salton Fish Kill

Lupine Oaks

Water on Grass

Arenal Volcano

Mojave Daisy

Mojave Daisy Bud

Abstract Daisy

Big Sur Sunset

Costa Rica Reef

Costa Rica Abstract

Costa Rica Abstract II

Clark St Crows Nest